Water System Report

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Water system is benefiting the neighbors and members of our church.


We have distributed 5 gallon jugs of purified water to several families to sell to their neighbors at $1.00 a jug with ½ going to them as their commission and the other half to the church. We also extended the invitation to sell water to the local churches and pastors so they would be blessed by the extra income while reaching out to their communities.


Here are a few of the testimonies of the blessings the water purification system has provided:


Justiano is a member of Casa de Gloria. He broke his back due to a work related accident 3 years ago. He uses a walker to get around when not in his wheelchair.  He and his family have been blessed with this new income. His wife worked outside the home in the past but is not currently working. He makes and sells piñatas, and shines shoes other than that, there is no other means of income. Casa de Gloria sows all the profit and proceeds of the water into his family. They used some of it to send his 11 year old daughter to her first youth conference last week. They wouldn't have had the money to send her otherwise. The extra income of $12.00 a week ($120.00 pesos) seems to be taking some financial stress off the family.


Another Family in the church that is benefiting from the system is that of Ines and Prissy. They use about 12 jugs every two weeks but money they are saving helps to put the kids through school.


Pastor Brigido's church, El Buen Pastor, [The Good Shepherd] at the Waterfall [El Salto de Egipantla] used the money your church donated to him to build a little building connected to his existing church to house the new water purification system. The floor was poured on Saturday and the walls will be painted this week. So by the end of August they will be ready to begin the installation of the water purification plant. We are transporting the jugs to his place each week in the mean time.  For over a month now, they have been without city water. It comes sporadically and without notice and for about an hour only. With the weather being as hot as it has been; business has been very good for them as they are selling about 24+ jugs a week. ($24.00 US/$240.00 pesos) I brought 24 jugs to him on Sunday, August 12th and before I left, he had already sold 8 and was left with 13 and called on Monday needing an additional 24.  We will be training and equipping his members to operate the system once it's installed at their place later this month. We gave him a copy of the specs required by the Mexican Gov't to legalize the operation of the system and he built his building accordingly. So he is making the proper provisions to run it legally and professionally.


Pastor Alejandro Glorias is another local pastor who has benefited by the water purification system. He uses the profits to help support his newly acquired bride (married in Dec 06) and with his children from previous marriage. He often gives a donation to the running of the water system when he can. He usually sells between 8-12 jugs a week.


Pastor Juan Lira is using the profits of the selling of the water jugs to help buy them a piece of land in which to build his church. He usually sells 12 jugs every 2 weeks.


A couple of the youth from Casa de Gloria needed some extra money to be able to attend a youth conference in Tabasco last week. So the purification plant was able to put them to work washing and filling the jugs. The kids earned enough money to go and were blessed!


So the water system has been a blessing to many. Oh, and my health has been great since Oct/Nov. 2006 when the system was installed! Hallelujah and Amen!