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                                                                                                                May 31, 2006


Dear friends and Family,

    An awesome opportunity has just presented itself to us and we feel it's of God! We have the chance to buy the local movie theatre downtown in San Andres Tuxtla, just blocks up from where we currently reside.  We would like for you to pray with us about His timing to buy and what the Lord would have you do concerning this opportunity. If you wish to sow into this ministry, now would be a great and strategic time!

     We knew God was about to unleash a new blessing upon us when the heaven's seemed to open and many of our prayer needs were met recently! The vision is to have a large facility that will not only meet the needs of our local church body and ministry but the whole community as well. The vision is huge and can be very costly. We also realize the maintenance and responsibility from here on out will be more than we currently have.  We are willing to be faithful to take yet another huge step of faith toward the purchase of a new facility for Casa de Gloria. We remember in 1999, when the Lord told us to leave Tecolapan, a small village 45 minutes in the plains of Veracruz and move to the tropical city of San Andres. It required us to believe for 10 times more in finances which we didn't have. God has proven to be faithful to supply our every need ever since. 

      For over two years now, we have been working faithfully earning money for a new place to house Casa de Gloria. The vision the Lord has given us is large and for that reason we started two years ago saving up every tithe, offering, and money earned from sales of popcorn and bazaar items. We have saved over $80,000 pesos ($8,000 U.S.) but much more is required to purchase the new building. It is owned by the Mexican government and they are asking $310,000 U.S. dollars. It is centrically located with plenty of public transportation at its doorsteps (bus and taxis). It has more than 1000 +/-, sq. meters or approx 10,000 sq. ft. +/-. Land in the downtown area is currently going for $300-400 a meter, so the asking price for the property is good deal. They basically aren't putting any value on the building.

      We feel if we do our part, the possible, God will do His, the impossible. We have been faithful with the little for a long time, and we feel much is about to be given unto us. We feel this is an important move of God for the ministry and one we need to act on now. We will begin to negotiate the sale this week.

      In Casa de Gloria is a picture taken in 2004 of our sons, Jacob and Beaux; which demonstrates that Jacob, being approx. 6'4", cannot stand tall in the current building as the ceilings are too low. For years, Pat has danced in a crouched position. You can touch the ceiling when raising your hands therefore, flying banners or waving flags has not been possible. Plus the maximum capacity is 60 people and that's squeezing them in shoulder to shoulder uncomfortably. We have never been able to host any event nor Community Prayer night nor Kingdom Conquerors meetings that would require more than the Pastors and leaders to attend.

     God has spoken to us that San Andres Tuxtla is our mission's base of ministry in which to move out from. Over the past two years, Pat has faithfully searched and explored this town for all available land opportunities in which we could build a new place we could call our own, but none felt right; that is until now. We felt it was not suppose to be land outside the center of town that God wanted us to have. We have always felt we are to be strategically placed in the center of town in an already erected building. For two years now, we have been eyeing the local movie theatre and have even approached them with the possibility of renting it for our Sunday's services. Now, it has gone up for sale and we wish to buy it! We have just offered $200,000 dollars and are waiting on their reply.

    This is such a huge step of faith because in the natural it would be impossible to obtain but in the spiritual, it's easy for God. So, we are walking by faith and taking action to try to purchase this building which will need quite a bit of repair work but has the potential to be a great Missions Headquarters. It has plenty of room to house the Public Lending Library, Clothing Bank, International Curriculum Video Bible School, English classes, Sunday morning services, Youth Group and Sunday school classes. We hope to establish, and/or rent out space for a few small businesses that San Andres does not currently offer, like a daycare center or after school care, and a clean moral place for the adolescents to hang out and have fun. Most congregate in the video bars and discotheques in town.

    Jim Elliot, a missionary to Ecuador used to say, "Save the Lost no matter the cost."  We feel God wants us to grow. The Lord used this illustration recently to speak to me about the move: If a plant is kept in a small pot for too long, its roots get crowded and it stunts its growth or it even dies. But if it is repotted into a larger pot, its roots have more room to grow. Therefore it becomes a larger and healthier plant. That is how we feel about this move. If we move, we expect to grow. For years the locals have told us this but it wasn't God's timing. Now is the time and we are going forward with the plans of God to purchase the building as Casa de Gloria's' new headquarters.

     Again, if you would like to sow into this ministry, now would be a great and strategic time! You may make a tax deductible contribution made payable to our home church; Grace Harbor Family Church and note Warren's building fund in the memo and mail it to our stateside address. Or you may send your check or money order made payable to us and mail it directly to our stateside address:  Pat & Karen Warren, 20042 East Bell Road, Amite, LA. 70422.



     We recently received a few emails and would like to let you know what others are saying about the movie theater in question:



    "I woke up during the night around 2:0 and was praying for my family and different ones and God showed me a picture. As I began to pray for Pat and Karen and their work in Mexico, I asked God to cover them. As I continued to pray, I saw a picture of a covering over them. It was kind of a light tan or brown, kind of reminded me of a mushroom cap only way larger (but it was thick like one) big enough to cover them and people they minister to on a regular basis. I prayed for God to enlarge their borders and as I prayed for God to enlarge their borders and as I prayed the covering expanded-it seemed so that even more people could fit under it. It seemed that as it grew larger and rounder that there was a greater capacity for more to be under there with them being protected. I was kind of looking at it from the side and slightly above. It was suspended in the air above their heads and I didn't see anything connecting it to the ground or anything."



"Today, at the camp meeting ... one of the speakers, read Ps 5:11 during her sermon. This scripture immediately brought back the above picture and I strongly felt it was for Pat and Karen, and that God was confirming through scripture what He had shown me in prayer."


Ps 5:11 amp "But let all those who take refuge and put their trust in You rejoice; let them ever sing and shout for joy, because you make a covering over them and defend them; let those also who love Your name be joyful in You and be in high spirits."



"Pat and Karen,


We prayed concerning the movie theater tonight.  The questions that we asked God were as follows:  Should the Warren's purchase the property that is available and why?" 

 "There were 7 of us in the room at the time.  We received 5 "yes" and 0 "no's".  Some remarks related to the "yes" were "It is the right timing; Sunlight and very bright; pathway for them; a reward for your faithfulness and perseverance; a time for growth to occur."  One person saw a theatre with circle seating and the roof off.  She said that God was opening the windows of heaven for you.  Another person received I John 5:2." 

 "I saw a vision of a train going down a track with some speed in the night time.  A light could be seen lighting the way of the train. The scene then turned to a train in the daylight with green fields and green in between the rails.  Another scene was a beautiful mountain scene that could be scene from the train."

 "This means to me that you are in a move of God that is not being seen now but being guided by God's light.  It is gathering speed and will soon emerge as a move of God that is open to everyone who will get on the train. This move will be characterized by tremendous growth (green fields).  Eventually the move of God will spread over an entire region and will be very beautiful and with a vision for more of what God has created and brought into being."

 "It is very clear that you are to proceed.  Always proceed with caution however.  Last night when we received the email another person and I got a check about the property. (Nothing to stop it but a check none the less.)  Tonight, I did not get the check. Just be aware of any potential pot holes and keep your spiritual guard up when you are checking it out to purchase.  Let me know what we can do to assist if anything."


"Karen, I quickly prayed and saw $106,000 the price of an inexpensive house in the US; and that later it would be a bargain. You could possibly live in it like an upstairs. It could be a school and training center, a place for children after school. It could be leased out for income to make its payments. 

Very often until you get a larger facility you can't grow.

All these thoughts came into my mind."



" _____ hollered  ooooooooooooo! when I read him the letter that you are moving forward as if it is already yours! We are excited also; we love you and are praying for you..."


"Well, it sounds like you have heard from the Lord! And the excitement is so good! ... We do not look at all the costs, but the finished product. ... We know God is working all these little expenses for our good..."


"We've been praying for favor for theater... the intercessors are praying. And today, I will mention it in church for the Body to be praying... ya'll are building your houses on the Rock  (Jesus)"


"I felt you'd be blessed by what ____ got for you from the Lord. It's about 3 1/2 weeks since she told me about it. So I wasn't surprised when you asked for prayer relating to the movie theater. (in the middle of town!)"





"May 23, 2006

Dear Pat and Karen,

    As I read your letter the Holy Spirit's presence enveloped me.  I pray for this building to be delivered into your hands.  And that God will give you divine insight into the heart of the man you will be dealing with. That when you speak to him it will be as though God himself is speaking to him.  And that God will grant you supernatural favor, so much so that giving you the property will be the greatest blessing in this man's life.  All things are possible with God. All my love, "


"Dear Pat & Karen,
I got your message about the building and at this time I do not have a 
word for you concerning purchase. I don't know where you are in this 
thing but I know that in you both is the wisdom of God. Above all you 
have to do God's will even when it seems crazy, but on a practical side, 
do not lie to yourself. Truly count the cost because the purchase of the 
building might be the easy part. There are so many other expenses like 
repair, maintenance, insurance, utilities, equipment, etc that are on 
going. I don't want you to be so strapped financially that it begins to 
hinder the ministry you already have going. 
Let peace be your umpire. Pressure to act quickly is sometimes an enemy. 
I am not trying to throw water on your fire but I have some experience 
in this kind of thing and my experience is not all good. I want the 
best for you. I want you to grow. I love your vision and zeal for God.
How does the commitment to this building factor into your future plans? 
Have you decided to stay in Mexico for several more years at least?
These are just questions. You know I love a good building project and I 
will help you all I can. So don't misinterpret my questions as negative. 
My desire is to help protect you from hurt.
I am on your side. More importantly God is on your side!
God bless."

"I will say this I would never ever buy property in Mexico again.  I has been a huge, huge problem and hassles from the government of Mexico.  They fight you every step.  Could just be Cancun but boy I wouldn't do it again."